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OUR Company

We are a Family Owned

and Operated Business

Founded in 1979

Since incorporation our company has witnessed tremendous growth while maintaining our attention to service and quality.
One of the secrets behind our company's success: Word of mouth referrals.

In fact, we are proud to say that we possess several repeat customers; people who have built their second, third, and fourth homes with our company!
This high level of customer service works hand in hand with our company's keen eye on the consumer marketplace.  For our clients, CAPITOL BUILDERS, INC., offers custom homes that are affordable, of high-quality, and possess the finishing touches found in multi-million dollar homes.

Due to our 45 years in business, we possess a superior knowledge of the housing industry.
Our high-level commitment to Human and Capital Resources means two things:

1.  We build quality, custom homes with higher than average building standards.
2.  Our company is able to finish homes in an efficient manner.  
This is due in part to our reliable and highly skilled set of sub-contractors.

We, here at CAPITOL BUILDERS, INC., do not tolerate complacency.  We pride ourselves on being on top of the latest building trends, styles, best products, and practices available on the market today. 

The above set of qualities serves as the foundation of CAPITOL BUILDERS, INC. and one that we will continue to build on for the betterment of our customers throughout Chesterfield, Powhatan, Henrico, Hanover, and Amelia, along with many other counties in the Richmond Metro Area.

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