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As a Quality New Home Builder
CAPITOL BUILDERS, INC. is proud to offer our buyers the best warranty available today on their new home.  
  •    Due to our relationship with Professional Warranty Service Corporation (PWC), we can back our warranty with the strength of one of America's largest insurance organizations.

Home Buyer Advantages
CAPITOL BUILDERS, INC. provides our buyers with an express 10-year limited warranty!
  •    In the unlikely event that we cannot perform our obligations under the warranty; our insurer will be there to assume responsibility for our no cost to you! 
  •    Most other insured warranty programs require a consumer deductible, so even if your repair is covered, it still costs you money.

Our Insurer is the Strongest in the Industry
The PWC program is underwritten by a member of Zurich.  Zurich is rated by A.M. Best Company, as one of the leading independent insurance companies.

Binding Arbitration Resolves Disputes Quickly and Easily
CAPITOL BUILDERS, INC. is proud of its customer service record.
  •    However, should a disagreement occur, the PWC program provides our home buyers with binding arbitration to settle disputes without costly legal services.
  •    The arbitration program allows an independent third party arbitrator to resolve disputes promptly and completely.
  •    Either party can request arbitration by submitting an $80.00 deposit 
      o    The deposit will be refunded to the submitting party if they prevail
      o    The process is binding and is enforceable in a court of law

If You Sell Your Home...
If the owner decides to sell the home, the transfer in title will not affect the remaining term of our limited warranty!
  •    All the new owner has to do is complete the "Subsequent Home Buyer Acknowledgement and Assignment Form" found in the Warranty Document.
  •    This feature can be an attractive selling point for home owners or sales agents.

CAPITOL BUILDERS, INC. will provide you with a copy of the warranty and we will be glad to answer any questions.

CAPITOL BUILDERS, INC.’s combination of:
  •    Customer service expertise
  •    A clear and comprehensive warranty, and 
  •    The backing of one of the largest insurers in the country 
Allows us to provide you with a level of security unmatched in the industry!

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