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2012-2013 "Talk of the town" customer satisfaction award

CAPITOL BUILDERS, INC. achieved a consecutive win of the Talk of the Town Customer Satisfaction Award by Celebration Media for 2013.


Talk of the Town News states: "CAPITOL BUILDERS, INC. has been selected as a 5 star rated company for 2013 by Celebration Media.


Celebration media averages scores and data from user-review and business-review websites, social networks, business-rating services, and industry resources all by hand.


Enthusiastic, passionate customers provide the vital role of marketing through online social networks and user-review websites."

CAPITOL BUILDERS, INC. won the Talk of the Town Customer Satisfaction Award by Celebration Media for 2012.

Picture of Reward

2006 Professional Warranty Services Corporation Summit Award

In June 2006, CAPITOL BUILDERS, INC. was awarded the prestigious Summit Award.


This award is presented from Professional Warranty Services Corporation (PWC), for: Outstanding Customer Service and Buyer Satisfaction


Presenting the award to Bobby Thomas, CAPITOL BUILDERS, INC. President and Founder, along with his dedicated staff, was Roger Langford, Regional Director of Sales for PWC.


"The Summit Award is presented to those companies that have demonstrated the highest level of customer satisfaction over time," says Langford, "and Bobby Thomas unquestionably meets that standard.  CAPITOL BUILDERS, INC. has enrolled hundreds of homes in our program and they have a dedicated staff aimed at customer satisfaction."

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1999 Crestar Mortgage Corporation Distinguished Business Partner Award

CAPITOL BUILDERS, INC. was honored as a Distinguished Business Partner by the Crestar Mortgage Corporation for exceptional dedication to meeting customer needs.

Picture of Reward

1995 HBAR "Parade of Homes" Gold Award

CAPITOL BUILDERS, INC. earned the highly sought after HBAR "Parade of Homes" Gold Award.

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