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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a typical project take?
  •    Stock plans normally take 4 to 5 months.
        o    Stock plans are ones that we have built several times and with which we are very familiar.  
  •    New plans may take a bit longer.  
        o    New plans are drawn and potentially modified to meet different requirements for each local government.

Will you give me references to call?

  •    Yes, we will be glad to provide these to serious clients.
        o    That would be something that we would co-ordinate through our office.  We try to protect the privacy of our previous customers.

Do you build outside of the Richmond Metro Area?

  •    Yes, while we primarily build in the Richmond Metro area; we do entertain looking at our client's request. 
  •    We also do build on our client's lot, if that is the case, depending on location.

Do you do work other than CUSTOM?
  •    We are a custom home building company.  Therefore, we generally meet with every buyer and go over the plans to make any desired changes before construction starts.
What does a typical project cost?

  •    Cost of each home varies, depending upon location, amenities, style of construction, restrictions of the subdivision, or guide lines for a specific property.
Can I use my own architect?

  •    Yes, you can use your own architect.
        o    However, we would like to be able to have final review of the plans and input information we feel important to the project.

How long have your crews worked with CAPITOL BUILDERS?

  •    CAPITOL BUILDERS, INC. has been in business since February of 1979.  
        o    We have, over time, developed good working relationships with lots of subcontractors in the Richmond Metro area.
        o    The majority of our subcontractors have been with us, on average, 15 to 20 years.

Who directs the crews that will build my home?

  •    Bobby Thomas, CAPITOL BUILDERS, INC. President and Owner, supervises the field work and co-ordinates the schedules of the subcontractors and suppliers.

Do we ever see the Builder on site?
  •    Bobby Thomas, CAPITOL BUILDERS, INC. President and Owner, visits all the homes under construction at different stages of development.
If we need to make changes, how is that done?

  •    CAPITOL BUILDERS, INC. tries to accommodate all changes to insure that the customer receives their home the way they want it; and they are happy to move into their new home.

        o    Changes almost always cause delays in time of construction
                    Depending upon what is changed from the original starting point
        o    Changes are done when 
                    We agree on the change
                    It is within the local code and 
                    An addendum has been signed by all parties

How are overall changes handled?
  •    Overages are paid at the time the selection is made. 
        o    Usually, an addendum is signed noting overage along with payment for the overage. 
        o    Most of the time, overages are special orders.  
                    Materials must be paid for before suppliers will order the materials.

Do you have other questions that you don't see listed here?  

  •    Contact Us 
        o    We will be happy to answer any additional questions you have about our homes and our process.

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